Q & A – You don’t eat pork and other things I get asked


This blog post is here specifically to answer a few questions/comments that I get all the time. This post is to respond in one format and not to condemn and not open to debates. I am not being mean, don’t take it that way. I need a place to answer without saying the same thing over and over to multiple people multiple times. One, I don’t have time. Two, others may be thinking the same things but don’t want to ask.

I have found that many people assume to know what I believe but base that on preconceived notions and don’t ever ask me. I think that is why I get so many strange questions. I understand, we all assume a lot of things about a lot of people, that is life. Let’s get to business.



On to the questions! You may not want to read all my responses. Feel free to scroll down and look for your question below that is of interest to you. By no means are my answers exhaustive. Instead, only short answers to satisfy the question. The questions I get are many; these are just a few.


Are you a Jew now? Absolutely not! I have some beliefs in common with the Jewish faith just as I do with mainstream Christians. However, I don’t follow mainstream Christianity either. I am not Hebrew Roots or any other “group” of that kind. I do not relate to the term “Torah Observant” either. No one can observe Torah. Instead, I would say that the term should be “trying to observe Torah.” We do worship at a synagogue (via live stream or in person) that is Messianic and is led by a Rabbi who has found salvation in Yeshua. www.bethyeshuainternational.com


Why do you go to church on Saturday? I take the 4th commandment literally. Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy. I choose to follow scripture’s definition of Sabbath and not the one put in place by the Catholic church. Google it for more information. Plus, Yeshua did it, and I am His follower. I asked myself not WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) but WDJD (What Did Jesus Do). Again, you can do what you want. This is our belief.


Do you believe in the Bible or Jesus anymore? Absolutely yes! I believe the entire Word of Yah, Old Covenant as well as New Covenant. The Gospel of Yeshua is front and center. Yeshua is the Way, Truth, and Life. NO ONE comes to the Father except through Him.


Why do you say Yeshua and Yah instead of Jesus and God? Excellent question. Yeshua is the Hebrew name of Jesus. Yeshua is what Mary, his mother, called him. I use Yeshua and Jesus depending on with whom I am speaking. I’m not dogmatic or a sacred namer. Yah is short for YHWH (Yod, Hey, Waw/Vav, Hey) the Hebrew letters that are God’s name. “God” is a title, not a name and I prefer to use his name. Again, I’m not dogmatic, I use both, and I am not a sacred namer. Yeshua in Hebrew means “salvation.” I don’t think it gets better than that!!! That makes his Hebrew name extremely special to me personally. He is my salvation, and I proclaim that fact when I say His Hebrew name.


Do you love Jesus because you don’t celebrate Christmas? Yes, we celebrate the birth of Yeshua. I love Him more than life!  We celebrate His birth during Feast of Tabernacles, not on December 25. I will not detail Christmas beliefs; you can Google that if you are curious.


Why don’t you celebrate holidays? We do celebrate holidays just not those we consider secular holidays that have dark, deceptive meaning behind them; all be it well-meaning to some. We choose to celebrate the Biblical Feast days which are not “Jewish” holidays but according to scripture are Yah’s Holy Days for all people. I decided to follow Yah’s celebrations loaded with the meaning of salvation and the story of Yeshua. Once again, you do what you want.


What religion are you? I don’t put a name on what I believe. Usually, I say that I am a Believer, Follower of the Way, Follower of Yeshua, sometimes I will say that I am Messianic Gentile Grafted In. It all depends on with whom I am speaking. There is no term I use consistently. I have grown to hate the division of denomination that religion imposes and uses to divide the body that should be one, but I digress.


Why are you condemning me? I don’t walk up to people and push anything. I live my life, display my beliefs on social media, or if someone asks I will answer. My walk is my walk, and your walk is your walk. Unfortunately, sometimes posting what I believe offends others and they take it as a personal dig. It is never intended that way. I am a teacher by gifting, and I teach. My nature is to inform and share information mainly of things I have an interest in and my passions. I do not look down on anyone who doesn’t believe as I believe. I am not perfect. We are all learning as we go and walking out what we learn as we learn it. Sadly, this happens often. It kills me inside when someone misreads or misunderstands a few words on a post and doesn’t see the heart of the matter.


Why are you studying Hebrew? You are an American. Yes, I am. I love learning. I am a huge nerd. I research and study a LOT of topics; you have no idea how deep this rabbit hole goes! I learn Hebrew because the Old Testament written in Hebrew and I want to understand it as the author defined it. Also, I think the language is beautiful is sound and form. I also want to learn Greek to study the Old Testament but one thing at a time!


Does this mean we can’t be friends? What? I still am shocked that people think I don’t want to be their friend because of a difference in a few religious beliefs. I have all kinds of friends with connections in many areas of art, photography, genealogy, writing who are Catholic, Buddhist, Atheist, and even mainstream Christians. Our command is to be a light to the world. Not compromise but to shine.


Do you use the same Bible? Yes and no. I use a lot of Bibles during study time. For daily reading, I use the Eth Cepher (Hebrew means Divine Book. Aka Bible). It includes many books removed from the 1611 King James, Ethiopian Bible, etc. The Cepher also has restored all the names of Yah. Example Lord (title) = Adonai (name). I LOVE that because each name holds so much meaning! Do I hold these extra books in high esteem? Not really but they have Biblically endorsed content and is an excellent source of history and confirmation and study. www.cepher.net


OK, the BIG question: You don’t eat pork? Don’t you miss bacon? No, I don’t eat pork, or any other food labeled in scripture as unclean. As far as bacon goes, turkey bacon rocks. Unclean animals are the earth’s vacuum cleaners and not food. I will never debate this topic. To each their own. If you want to eat pork, I don’t care. I do care when you try to talk me into eating something that is against my belief system or mock me or quote that God called all things clean (which is referring to Gentiles not animals as food). Google pork chop, worms, coke. It happens, we tried it. [insert vomit sounds here]


In Closing

I will answer any questions you have if you are genuinely interested and not seek a debate or want only to prove a point. I will NOT respond at all to “Key points against…” I do not have time, nor do I wish to debate, and I have researched them all myself already. I no longer subscribe to drama. I’m only interested in peace. Thank you for allowing me to present answers to my most commonly asked questions. Again, this is to inform, not to open debates.


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